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Think Of This Nightmare

Think about what would happen if you didn't get accepted, OR if you didn't get accepted to the school you really wanted. You may have to re-apply, or attend a school that you weren't really impressed with. How would that feel? Would you question yourself? Would you look back on application errors and wish you would have done things differently?

I strongly, STRONGLY recommend getting help in the admissions process. Before I go into my rant about why you should hire me to be your coach, I do want to say that if you have not felt like these 5 days have been helpful, then I'm probably not the right coach for you...however, my recommendation about getting a coach remains the same. It is absolutely worth every penny you spend for it. Think about this for a second. You are going to spend $1000-$4000 on your application. Between the primary and secondary application fee's, the fee to take the MCAT, the interview flights and hotel rooms and sometimes rental cars, the food at those interviews, it really adds up fast. How much of that money, are you spending on actually IMPROVING your chances to get into the medical school of your choice?

That said, despite the expense, getting help in the admissions process is so important. Getting the personal statement right, the secondaries, the research, the contact with schools, the interview, all of these things are so incredibly important to do right.

Better Admissions Guidance

If you've seen my signature on the bottom of everything I do you may have asked why I use "Better admissions guidance, More choice, Lasting Success" as my slogan. Put simply, that is why I think you should hire me to be your coach. Allow me to talk about each one really briefly.

I believe I have the best coaching product available anywhere in the USA. My coaching is the result of many years of becoming better and better at helping people get into medical school. My acceptance rate now is 96% for those who follow my program and don't cut corners. Equally as important to me, most of those students have been accepted to their top choice medical school. It is extremely important to me that my system does both of those things because many of you will have no issue getting accepted somewhere...but you want to be accepted at your best fit school don't you? That is why I focus on both those things.

More Choice

I eluded to this a bit in the last paragraph. I want you to have choices when deciding what school you go to. You ever see those students who get accepted to 5 schools and get to pick which one they want to go to? Pretty different from the majority of people who get accepted to 1-2 places and have little choice. But there is more to this.

Studies show that if you go to a school you really enjoy, one where you really fit in with the faculty and students, that you will DO better in school. Better grades, better USMLE, better experience overall. If you go to the right school, do better, and have good numbers, you put yourself in a fantastic position to be a stand out applicant for residency as well. This cycle will keep repeating until you get the choose what job you want, where you want it, and what your work situation will be like. That is what I want for you, that is the real goal isn't it?

Lasting Success

This should be obvious by now. If you get into the right school, you have more success, if you get into the right residency you learn more and have better relationships with the attendings. If you have those relationships and the right knowledge you get the right job. If you get the right job you live a happy, fulfilling life doing what you want, being who you want to be, and helping people in the way you want to help them. That, by my definition at least, is lasting success.

Decision Time

Right now is you turn to decide. Your chance to make your application incredible. Your chance to better your chances at your first choice medical school.

Head over right now to my admission to medical school coaching page, and see all of the UNBELIEVABLE benefits of coaching, including my UNBEATABLE GUARANTEE. There is exactly $0 risk for you, all of you money is refundable even after our first conversation. No one else can offer you that. I also guarantee that you will get into medical school. If you happen to be the 4% that doesn't get in, I'll coach you through making your application better for the second year, OR you can have a 100% full refund. That simple. I'm so absolutely confidant you will get into medical school that I offer a guarantee that no one else can come close to.

I absolutely wish you the very best of luck with whatever you decide. If you have checked out my medical school site and read the 5 days of this series, you have received all of the free information that is available anywhere on the web (at least that is my goal), I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear from you very soon.

Medical School Confidant Better Admission Guidance. More Choice. Lasting Success

P.S. If you still are unsure about coaching, but very interested, let's do a quick 20 minute conversation and we can address all your concerns. Contact me here and ask for a 20 min consultation and I'll email you a link where you can schedule it. This is really for those who want coaching, but still have questions or doubts. I look forward to speaking with you.

Day 1 - Where's Waldo
  • Stand Out
  • Show Passion

Day 2 - Dream School
  • School Research
  • Competencies

Day 3 - Easy as Pie
  • Plan it right
  • Do it Right

Day 4 - 100% Acceptance
  • Convince One
  • Make it Easy

Day 5 - Final Push
  • Expert in Your Corner
  • Avoid application mistakes