What is RSS?

I just discovered RSS not too long ago, but I now believe it may be the absolute best way to get information on medical school. That applies not only to getting information about medical school admission, but also about getting through medical school and eventually accepted into residency.

Basically what this tool does is it allows you to follow important articles that people write about any topic you are interested in. This includes bloggers, business owners, news results, and information experts. As far is medical school is concerned, it lets you stay up to date with all the latest information because you will have articles from everyone out there right at your fingertips.

How To Use RSS

The first button on the top is an orange "RSS" button. If you already know what RSS is and have a reader already available you just right click (control click on mac) and copy the URL and just put it into your RSS reader

All the other buttons will take you to pages that you can add the blog to. If you have a google account, or yahoo, or MSN, or bloglines, just click on the button (left click this time) and it will automatically add the content where you want it for easy access.

Once you have my blog in your reader (google, yahoo, MSN, or other) you can search for other blog written by other professionals or by non-professionals as well. They will stay updated and you will be able to get tons of information without have to search or spend hours finding it. I really wish I had this tool when I was applying.

Close this window now and subscribe...then subscribe to other RSS feeds as you find them through search or on websites you like. Happy hunting and I hope you find it as valuable as I did.

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