Does Admission to Medical School Require Admissions Coaching?
Can it really help me?

What is Admissions Coaching?

How can coaching help you with admission to medical school? If you are like most applicants you never have considered coaching before the moment you arrived on this page. But the very fact that you are here puts you into a position to be so far ahead of other applicants that the admissions process will become so easy you'll wonder what everyone else is frantic about. Why does coaching make admission to medical school so easy?

Well, think about what all medical school applicants do. They spend hours reading about the admissions process. What numbers are required, what do you need to do about the letters of recommendation, what about interviews, and personal statements, and secondary applications? What about staying in contact with the programs?

Over and over, medical school hopefuls have to spend hours and hours answering these questions. And at least once or twice they will talk to someone who seems to know what they are talking about but really have no clue. What would that do to your application?

At the very least it will lead you to make a minor mistake on your application, at worst it will ruin your chances of acceptance at one or more schools. Then what do you get out of those hundreds of hours of research? Nothing...but, how is a coach different?

What is an Admissions Coach?

A coach is an actual, real world, admission to medical school expert. When we seem like we know what we are talking about it's because we do. We do it often and we do it well. Your chances of admission to medical school will go up exponentially. Those who use coaches get into medical school at a much, much higher rate than those who do not. So, if you are thinking about coaching more seriously now, the question you should now be asking is...why MSC over other coaches?

Why Medical School Confidant?

There are a few good coaches out there, and they all do a good job of helping people get into medical school. But most are incomplete. Medical School Confidant is the only place where you can find the benefits we offer. Lets go over them...

If You Prove Your Value...You Get Accepted

If you can prove that you are valuable, admission to medical school is a sure thing, simple as that. Numbers and activities with no clear goal no longer accomplish that. Your task is much different now. Now you must show them your unique strengths and which characteristics you possess that will allow you to become a fantastic medical school student and even better doctor.

At medical School Confidant we will provide you with materials that will help you to begin your process of discovery as you learn not only what those characteristics and strengths are (everyone has them you just have to discover them), then we will use that discovery in every aspect possible of the application system. If you only have interviews left...fantastic we will start there. If you have the whole process ahead of you, we will guide you step-by-step to make sure you present your value most effectively. If needed, we will also help you develop those attributes so they become so much a part of you that they are impossible to miss. In essence, we guide to through the process of letting schools know how valuable you are, which gets you accepted.

You Should Pick Your Medical School...Not The Other Way Around

Once you show that value, you get to PICK which school you want to attend, rather than them picking you. This gives you a rare opportunity to go where you will be the most happy. If you are happy you are more likely to be successful and if you are successful in medical school the cycle repeats itself in residency and then again with your career. And if you are successful and happy in your career, well isn't that the goal?

My coaching, after we present that value to the schools to which you are applying, will help you to consider the schools from all angles and make the most informed decision possible. And you will do that BEFORE the acceptances come in. Then you make your last minute changes based on your interview, and use the right strategy for paying for the tuition deposit that holds your spot. Which leads us to...

"How Can PAYING for Coaching Actually SAVE Money?"

Most of our clients will save money when using our services. How? Easy, we only apply to and interview at the RIGHT schools. So you save hundreds in application fees, interview travel expenses, secondary application fees, and initial tuition deposits. How do we do this?

Admission to medical school is dependant on doing GOOD research. Most medical school hopefuls do very basic research into schools, rarely more detailed than the numbers (GPA and MCAT) and 1-2 other things about the school. This will not work. You need to find what the school is looking for, what strengths do they look for in their applicants? What characteristics? What experiences? Then match you to the RIGHT schools. This way schools like you more as an applicant, your admission to medical school becomes much more secure, and you spend hundreds or thousands less on applications. This isn't the only way to save money either...

Another way we save many students money is even more powerful. We can help those students who are "on the bubble" of getting into a state school get accepted. Going to a state allopathic school instead of a private osteopathic school will literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars (on average 150,000). Coaching will raise your chances of admission to medical school significantly.

"Admission to Medical School Is Draining My Soul"

Most fun part of Medical School Confidant Coaching? ENJOYING COLLEGE! How many times did your parents tell you growing up that college should be the best time of your life. Why would you spend hours at a computer screen reading about schools and the million "how-to's" that exist on forums that barely help. Coaching will open up enough free time for you to really enjoy you last few years (or months) of school. Don't undervalue that.

Services I Provide

Note:If you are looking for help with the personal statement or interview process, those packages and what they include can be found on their own pages.
Medical School Essay Help (all essays from personal statement and secondaries).
Medical School Interview Questions, Answers, and Coaching.




- 8 Hours of Phone Coaching

- Unlimited email access (questions I can answer in 10 min or less)

- PDF worksheets with guidance and assignments

- MSC's Unbeatable Guarantee



Each Additional Hour: $99

Platinum Package


- 6 Hours of Phone Coaching

- Up to 10 monthly email questions (expires at end of an application cycle)

- PDF worksheets with guidance and assignments

- MSC's Unbeatable Guarantee



Each Additional Hour: $125




- 3 Hours of Phone Coaching

- Up to 5 monthly email questions (expires at end of an application cycle)

- PDF worksheets with guidance and assignments

- MSC's Unbeatable Guarantee



Each Additional Hour: $125

If you don't want to pay for a full package, you can buy 1 hour to get your questions answered.
Price: $199

UPDATE: Because of increasing demand MSC is no longer taking on clients on a regular basis. If you would like coaching, please click "Contact Us" above in order to get into contact with me and possibly schedule coaching.

IMPORTANT: All "HOUR" sessions are 50 min on the phone, allowing 10 min to write a note about what we talked about as well as send you an email with your assignments and goals for our next meeting. For example if you buy the Gold Package and get 3 hours of coaching, that is in reality 3 50 min sessions on the phone. is a worldwide leader in online payment services
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Medical School Confidant Unbeatable Guarantee

It is important to us that you get all the value out of Medical School Confidant that you pay for. For that reason we offer a 3 part guarantee.

  1. If at the end of your first hour of coaching, if you have doubts about our coaching or if you don't want to proceed, you can ask for and a receive a FULL, no questions asked refund.
  2. If at anytime AFTER the first hour, if you ever want to stop your coaching, you can ask for and receive a refund on a pro-rated basis (we charge only for the hours you have used).
  3. If you do exactly what we tell you, you WILL GET ACCEPTED to medical school within two application cycles. No one else offers anything close to this guarantee, but you CAN and WILL get in if you follow our guidance exactly or your money back.

Once Your Purchase Is Confirmed

You will be sent to a page where you can download the PDF's. You will also have a link there to set your first appointment if you would like. You will then get an email from me within the next 24 hours with several things. You will get a questionnaire, so I can get to know more about your situation better before talking. You will get an agreement form, which I need you to sign before we begin either electronically or by fax/scan, instructions will be included. And lastly, it will have a link that allows you to schedule your first meeting (if you did not do so from that first page). Please make sure that the two forms you get are done before me meet, also make sure you complete assignment number one at the end of section one of the PDF you received.

Still Undecided?

Let's talk about it. If you made it down this far you are probably pretty interested in coaching, just still unsure. That is very understandable. I recommend the following.

  • Start First With The 20 Min Consult. On this form you can ask any questions you want, and if you want, ask for a 20 min free consultation directly (you must ask for it specifically on the contact form). I reserve these times specifically for those who are still undecided but are strongly considering buying my coaching.
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