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Getting the right medical school essay help can and often does mean the difference between acceptance letters and rejections. If you write your personal statement and other essays without making the correct points, you will be the same as the 10,000 other applicants...which, by the way, is not good.

This page is specifically about medical school essay help. If you would like more comprehensive coaching on all aspects of the medical school admissions process, go to my Admission to medical school coaching page here.

Every Medical School Essay Has Two Elements To Success

Essays in your admission cycle need to have two basic things. A well thought out experience that shows how you have developed certain characteristics, AND a logical endpoint that makes your reader believe that because of that experience and that characteristic you will be a fantastic medical school student and a fantastic doctor.

Don't fail at either of those. You will limit your success significantly.

Why Those Elements Are Sometimes Hard To Do

So what's the problem? Well many students just cannot find the right experiences, the right words, or the right conclusion to accomplish those goals. We help you find them and use them to best help your application.

We have read many essays, and we understand the importance of meeting our 2 "goals" for any medical school essay help you must write, and more importantly can help you to find those experiences, characteristics, and conclusions that will allow you to do this. You will write 1-3 essays for medical school admissions...will you meet those goals or not?

How Do We Do It?

Well simple, we help you think about yourself in a whole different light. You will see experiences you've never seen before, you will understand strengths in your character that you previously have never understood, and you will be able to write in such a way that schools will genuinely desire you as their student...

Through our system of teaching, interviewing, editing, and helping, we will bring you from unsure to confident. You will be able to write that way for the rest of your life, which will help in residency applications as well.

The MSC Guarantee For Medical School Essay Help

Is it guaranteed? Of course it is, everything on MSC is.
If you buy our product and you feel like it was not helpful to you in any way, just ask for a refund and one will be granted, no hassle and no problems.

Medical School Essay Help Features:

  • 1 Hour of strategy and planning. Oftentimes split into 2 30 min sessions.
  • Up to 10 edits, we want you to know you have plenty available, but without abusing the privilege, most use around 3-5.
  • PDF workbook that guides your through the process behind the scenes
  • Email Questions answered - up to 5 a month until your essays are done.
  • The MSC guarantee

Price: $299, with $150 for additional hours of coaching if wanted

IMPORTANT: All "HOUR" sessions are 50 min on the phone, allowing 10 min to write a note about what we talked about as well as send you an email with your assignments and goals. If you choose to split your 1 50 min session into two, they will both be 25 min each.

UPDATE: Because of increasing demand MSC is no longer taking on clients on a regular basis. If you would like coaching, please click "Contact Us" above in order to get into contact with me and possibly schedule coaching.

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