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Getting good information for applying to medical school is difficult. Being from a very small school, I didn't have the support of many other premedical students. I didn't even have a committee that I could go to for advice or help. I was basically on my own.

So I researched. I spent countless hours on the computer trying to figure out what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. Let me just say, that most of the information I found online was bad. Out of date was very common, but just wrong was not rare. I became frustrated.

Luckily, I found a mentor at my school who wanted to find good information for future students at my school. So he helped me research schools. Together we decoded the real good information and began to set up a system that would help students from then on apply for, and be accepted to medical school. We went way beyond numbers and basic research. We found out how important it was to separate yourself from normal in things like the personal statement, interview, and other parts of the application. We discovered that those things are starting to play a bigger role in who gets accepted and numbers are starting to play less of a role.

The result of this school setting up this system for premedical students has been fantastic. Since we have set it up, not one single person that has applied to medical school from this small school has been left out. 100% acceptance since the year I graduated.

Through it all, we finally began to be able to see through the clutter of thousands of opinions. We got a very good idea of what was good advice and what was not. By the time it was all said and done, I got into 1 of every 3 schools I applied to, and was lucky enough to attend my first choice medical school. But the time it took for that success was too much. I spent literally thousands of hours getting to a level of knowledge that I needed to in order to have the best chance of success.

Despite those thousands of hours, I still made some very big mistakes in my own application. That is when I decided that there weren't enough people out there giving good information and started doing it. I set out to learn from my mistakes, talk to admissions committee members, and become an expert in the entire medical school admissions process. Once I had the knowledge I needed to help others in any situation, I began coaching.

At first, I just coached friends and family. Letting them know all of the things that I learned. Once I realized my friends and family were all getting accepted to multiple schools, I knew I had something big.

So I started trying to make a living doing this. I began by coaching on a smaller level and have slowly moved to trying to coach on more of a national level. I wanted to move more nationally because I realized, as I researched many schools nationwide, that all schools had similar problems finding which students were good and which students were not. I knew I could help solve that problem by teaching applicants how to really stand out in the application process.

I now have, what I believe, to be the best coaching system anywhere in the USA. I've carried a 96% acceptance rate for the students who have come to me for help. Most of those have been accepted to their top school. I know I can do that for you too.

Let me prove it to you. There is never any risk for anything I do. Meaning no matter what, you can always get your money back if you believe my information does not help you get into medical school. If you want more information about my coaching strategy, sign up for my "5 days to medical school admissions advice" course. This course is very literally the ONLY 5 things you need to accomplish (aside from getting good numbers) to get accepted.

Or just skip right to the good stuff. My coaching is 100% guaranteed and it is extremely effective. Find out all about my admission to medical school comprehensive coaching right here.

Take a look around. As always, let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help you using the contact form above.

TOO MANY Acceptance Letters?!

The difference between "accepted" and "rejected" has LESS to do with numbers than most think

What is the difference then? Those who get accepted do 5 things that others do not. And I'll show you what they are in this 5-day email course "The ONLY 5 things you need to do to get accepted."

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