Osteopathic Medical Schools Are Getting More Selective
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Most medical school applicants eventually come across information about osteopathic medical schools and ask some variant of the question: What's that? Osteopathic physicians are the very extreme minority in the country still with about 10% of all physicians being DO's. Doctor's of osteopathy do, however, get a very similar education to those at allopathic medical schools (MD degree path), with few differences. Take a look at the discussion here about the differences between doctor of osteopathy and traditional allopathic physicians. Even if you feel like you have a pretty good handle on the differences, make sure to read that section, many are surprised.

In the past, osteopathic schools were an "easy" way to get into medical school. In some ways it is still looked on that way. Numbers to get into osteopathic schools are less competitive. However, osteopathic schools are notorious for admitting people with lower numbers and better interpersonal skills, as shown in community service, interview skills and other parts of the application that accentuate your people skills. Keep this in mind as you fill out your osteopathic application.

There is also a significant difference in the curriculum at osteopathic medical schools. And not only curriculum but also differences in how you should prepare for you application process. We outline the differences between osteopathic medical schools and allopathic here.

Here is your list of osteopathic schools. If you are looking for an allopathic list, take a look there. Also go there to find how to best use this list to research schools and make a list of the schools that best fit you.


AT Still University in Arizona


Midwestern University Arizona


Touro University (vallejo)


Western University


Rocky Vista University


Lake Erie COM at Bradenton


Nova Southeastern University COM


Philadelphia COM - Georgia


Midwestern University Chicago


Des Moines University COM


Pikeville College


University of New England COM


Michigan State University COM


William Carey University COM


AT Still University Kirksville


Kansas City University


Touro University Nevada

New Jersey

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

New York

New York COM

New York

Touro COM - New York


Ohio University


Oklahoma State University


Lake Erie COM


Philadelphia COM


Lincoln Memorial University - De Busk COM


University of North Texas Health Science


Edward Via Virginia COM


Pacific Northwest University

West Virginia

West Virginia School of OM

Remember when doing your research on schools, it isn't ALL about what you want out of school, look for clues that factor in what the school wants from you. This way you can choose schools that match your strengths and significantly increase your chances of getting in.

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