Medical School Interview Success
Do It Right, Get In

You are so close you can almost taste it. You have an invite for medical school interview, you have one more hurtle, one more time to prove who you are. If you have an interview you know one of two things to be true:

  1. Either, you are already accepted. Many schools have already made a yes decision for you, and barring anything amazing happening, you are getting accepted. This happens in about 1 in 100 interviews or less.
  2. OR...the school likes you, they are impressed with your application so far, but they still lack the "yes" decision they need. In essence, there is a 99% chance that they know you and like you, but they need more of a push in the right direction.
So what are you going to do to give them more?

If you fail at giving them that last thing that they need, you fail to get accepted. It doesn't matter how good the interview is, it doesn't matter how much you and your interviewer hit it off, if you can't do that you don't get in. That said, be confident that if the school didn't want you there you wouldn't be there. You are on equal footing, or very close to equal footing as anyone else that is there.

The medical school interview REALLY IS the last make or break moment of you application. And it is up to are in control of it.

Note: This is for medical school interview help ONLY. If you are interested in a comprehensive coaching for all aspects of the application, then you will want to visit my admission to medical school coaching page here.

Make The Medical School Interview Work For You

So how do you take control? How do you make it work for you instead of against you? This can be tricky. If you push your agenda onto them they will be annoyed by your aggressiveness and you won't get accepted. If you are too passive you will not make the impression that needs to be made and you won't get accepted. You have to strike the right balance. But the principles I teach throughout the applications cycle remain the same.

If you have read much of my site, you have learned that one of the most important things you can do for your application is set up a strategy that puts your strengths and personal characteristics at the forefront of everything you do and the medical school interview is no different.

If you are invited to an interview it CAN ONLY be because they like how you have set up your application so far. So keep at that, but do it tactfully.

The Medical School Confidant Way

The MSC coaching teaches you how to go about the interview process in a way that accentuates the strengths of your application, teaches you how to be assertive but not aggressive, and gives you the very best chance possible of getting in. How do we do that?

We practice on the phone or via skype (if available), we teach you the obvious principles that everyone teaches, but we go one step further and teach you how to accentuate your application in a way that no one else does.

If you do this you will get into so many schools you interview with, you will literally be able to CHOOSE the school you want to go to, instead of them choosing you.

The MSC Medical School Interview Coaching Guarantee

  • Like the comprehensive coaching guarantee, if you believe after your first hour of coaching, that the product can't help you, we will refund your money 100%.
As always, no hassles, no problems.

Medical School Interview Coaching Features:

  • 2 Hours of phone/skype coaching (if available)
  • PDF workbook for preparation and learning the principles of the interview
  • 5 Email questions a month to answer any questions up until the interview
  • MSC Guarantee
Price: $299 with $150 for any additional hours you feel you need.

Buy now and begin the process in just a couple minutes.

IMPORTANT: All "HOUR" sessions are 50 min on the phone, allowing 10 min to write a note about what we talked about as well as send you an email with your assignments and goals for our next meeting.

UPDATE: Because of increasing demand MSC is no longer taking on clients on a regular basis. If you would like coaching, please click "Contact Us" above in order to get into contact with me and possibly schedule coaching. is a worldwide leader in online payment services
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