5 Days to Winning with Medical School Admissions Advice

Medical school admissions advice is vital to being able to get accepted to medical school. Imagine trying to get into medical school with no advice. You would do whatever you thought was best and just hope for that acceptance to medical school. Some people have even gone so far as to think that medical school admission really does work like that. They will say things like "get good grades and a good MCAT and then the rest is luck." You should love it when people say that because that gives you the opportunity to pull ahead of them in the admissions to medical school game, even if they have better numbers. Getting into medical school IS about good numbers to be sure. It is much more difficult with a 22 MCAT and a 3.3 GPA than with a 42 MCAT and 3.9...however there are people with both of those numbers who get accepted, and there are those who get rejected.

The Best Medical School Admissions Advice?
Separate Yourself From Normal

There is, in the end, only 1 way to get accepted to medical school. That is to separate yourself from "normal" in a good way. There are thousands of applicants, all of them get good grades, get good MCATs, do shadowing, do volunteer work, and most do research. Nothing in that list will separate you from other medical school applications. So how can you separate yourself from normal? How can you make medical school admissions simplified? How can you guarantee that getting into medical school will be easier for you? This 5-day course will give you 5 separate things that, if done right, will make medical school admissions much easier for you. Getting into medical school will seem like a breeze, and your chances of medical school acceptance will go up, UP, UP.

A Free Course With Good Medical School Admissions Advice? What's the Catch?

The catch is that this course, these next five days, will put the ball directly into your court. There will never again be an excuse as to why you didn't get accepted, it will become all about what you do to make yourself better. Medical school admission should be possible for everyone that works hard enough to deserve it. This course is just a way for me to help you know what the 5 best things (besides GPA and MCAT) you can do to get accepted to medical school!

"What is Each Day About?"

  1. Day 1 - The single most important characteristic you must show for medical schools to notice you and accept you. This day I'll show you the one thing that medical schools are dying for each applicant to show them.
  2. Day 2 - Medical School Research - going beyond GPA and MCAT. Most medical school applicants don't realize that getting into medical school is about MORE than numbers. They never do the work to understand WHAT schools want you for. I'll show you what to do.
  3. Day 3 - The easiest day, and one that makes medical school admission 10x more likely. This is a simple one, but I explain not only what this easy thing is but how to do it right
  4. Day 4 - This is my favorite day. I'll show you how to literally have a 100% chance of being accepted at any specific school if you can accomplish only 1 thing. This is the hardest of the 5 days, but the MOST POWERFUL.
  5. Day 5 - Getting expert help. I'd be the first to admit that MY medical school admission coaching isn't for everyone, but everyone should get SOME medical school admissions consulting. Just like you should never take an MCAT without a review course, you should never do an application without some medical school admissions consulting to make admission to medical school that much more secure.

As I go into much more detail about how each of these things impacts your chances of medical school admissions, this course will make you more prepared, confidant, and able to take on the admissions to medical school mountain. Good Luck!

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