Do This And Have A
100% Chance Of Acceptance

Today is a short day, it is a very simple concept in the admissions process. But it is the least known concept of all five days. It is also the most powerful. This is the one thing I teach that literally can give you a 100% chance of acceptance, it is really that powerful.

How I Came About This Knowledge

This concept all started as I was beginning to interview the heads of several admissions committee's. 9/10 of them would say the same thing, they would say that they preferred the students to contact them and talk to them often. Many of them would say things about coming to the school before they were invited for an interview. Other's would say that they preferred email or phone conversation, but all of them talked about how much they liked talking to students.

So as I realized that they wanted more contact I began to push further asking why. I wanted to know why they liked the contact, and then one of the people I was interviewing told me why. What he said was that the hardest part of sifting the applicants was how little contact they had. They have only the primary application, secondary application, and interview. So most of the applicants are totally dependant on very few contacts.

This was not new news as I was looking for a solution to just that problem. However what he said next I didn't expect. He said that those students who spent more time at the school or in contact with the school gave him and others at the school a better chance to get to know those students. In turn, what happened is that other people on the committee had strong opinions about the applicant. While most schools depend on the interviewer's opinion of the student, applicants who spent more time with the schools important people were still accepted even though the interviewer recommended not to accept them.

I was dumbfounded. What he was saying in essence is that if you didn't do a fantastic job of impressing the interviewer, you can still get in. I had never considered that before. Every bit of evidence leading up to this point had showed me that the interview was everything. It was the make or break. But what this admission committee head was telling me was that you could give yourself more chances of success by getting to know other people in the school.

How I Changed How I Coached

I've since realized that what I learned was absolute truth. People were worried about acceptance after the interview but then still got in. Others who said they couldn't read their interviewer well were getting accepted, and the evidence has been piled up over and over that this strategy works. So now, I help people understand when and how to contact the admissions committee, what to say, and how to convince them of your ability as a student. However I do have a word of warning.

I have come to a conclusion based on research that contact does not always work like people hope. Many students who think they are helping themselves by contacting the schools are actually hurting themselves. This is the reason that many people skip talking to schools, they worry about doing more harm than good. And that is definitely possible. Here's the warning, don't be overzealous. Be sensitive to how the school reacts to you. Don't push yourself onto them. Don't be annoying. If you avoid being annoying you increase your chances significantly though so don't skip contact.

What This Means For You

I have worked hard to perfect a method of contacting schools so that it never hurts your chances. It is very valuable to be able to do this. Bottomed line: If you don't contact schools you MUST win over the is make or break. If you do contact schools (correctly) you only have to win over 1 of 2-4 you many chances to find someone you really connect with. And when that connection is made with any one of get accepted.

If you are interested in this system I explain it all in my admission to medical school comprehensive coaching and I'll guide you through the entire process.

As always, if you aren't ready or uninterested in coaching, please visit my medical school confidant home page, as it has TONS of FREE information to help you get accepted.
Good Luck with your admissions process, tomorrow's day is all about the benefits of coaching. Why I believe that everyone should consider coaching at some level.

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