Getting You The Medical School "Congratulations"

It's here, it's finally here, the letter from your first choice medical school. You rush inside and quickly move that letter to the top of the pile. This is it, all your preparation, research, blood, and sweat has culminated in this moment...

Did you get in? Well...that is up to a million different factors. Which schools look at which factors? Well, everyone has their opinion, I'm sure you will hear a thousand different opinions about virtually every aspect of getting into school. "You need research," "if you get a B you won't get in," "if you don't do 100 hours of community service you may as well not apply," and there are a million more. Fact is, the people you talk to have a very narrow view of what is necessary and what isn't. They might be right, or they might not be. How can you know what information is good and what is bad?

Let's sift through the opinions of thousands to give you the facts. The factors that ACTUALLY matter to each school. We bring you through the application process from the very basics to the strategies and research that WILL give you very best chance of getting in. This site is the BEST compilation of research, statistics, and guidance you can find anywhere. is all fact. You can rest easy knowing that we put no stock in uneducated opinion, but get my information directly from the source.

Medical School Acceptance Letters Incoming

Our goal is to get you accepted. We give you the information and research you need. We do this in a systematic step-by-step process:
Step 1: Understanding the admissions process - The admissions process is a long one. Understanding the process should be your first step, if you understand and apply the principles I teach you, you will feel as though the medical school admissions process just got much easier. But remember to come back to step 1 as often as you need to remind yourself what needs to be done next to get into medical school and when.
Step 2: Killing the MCAT - I'll show you the basics of the test such as how to register, but more importantly I'll show you how to find and use a free practice test and interpret the results to understand how you can make your own personalized study plan. Most students make the mistake of not making a plan that is personal to them...and it costs them points! Don't let that be you. After you have your personalized plan, you find a review program that best fits YOUR individual needs. You'll also find reviews, resources, and most anything else you'll need to ace this beast of a test.
Step 3: A list of medical schools and a guide to conducting research on the schools of interest - this will become the main source of research as you make a plan for which schools you are applying to.

If you will be applying to Osteopathic medical schools or Caribbean Medical Schools you will find information on those schools too.

Don't Drown, Don't Make Mistakes, Get Help!

Medical school admission is daunting. It is extremely easy to make mistakes that will cost you your chances of acceptance. Get help with it! Find good sources of information. Admissions Coaching is offered by a few of us in the country who have spent time becoming experts in the admissions process. Coaching isn't for everyone, but if you are that person who wants to do your application right and know you aren't making any mistakes, coaching is your answer!

MSC coaching is one of a kind. The goal of coaching should be much more than just helping your write a good essay or practice interview questions. It should be help and training in HOW TO STAND OUT. That is MSC coaching, we will show you how to make your application totally unique. The mantra of my coaching: "if you can stand get in." Come with us and you WILL stand out...guaranteed

Only 5 Things You Need To Do For Acceptance

While coaching is not for everyone, it is a pretty safe bet that acceptance to medical school IS for everyone. At least that is true for anyone applying to medical school. Did you know there are only 5 things you MUST do to get accepted to medical school?
I'll teach you what they are...FREE in my 5-day email course available here.

Don't Be a Broke Doc!

Lastly, we give you information on financial aid and how to keep your debt low. Most docs are horrible with money. This starts when they are students and pay no attention to the cost of medical school. DO NOT let that be you. If you take care of your money now you will...

1. Graduate with less debt
2. Live a life more in control of your money and...most importantly...
3. Retire more wealthy that most of your colleagues

Don't leave without checking out this information on loans and financing your education. I'll show you ways to lower cost of school, ways to use a budget to lower total debt, and ways to use this advice for years to come. As well as information about scholarships, what different loans are and what they mean for you, how to consolidate after school and why you should or should not...anyway just a lot of good high quality information.

Ask Questions!

I always welcome questions from students about their specific situation or about their application cycle. Questions about numbers, timing, and applications are all welcome as well as anything that you think might be helpful for someone else to know. Questions will all be answered by email, and some will be featured on my medical school blog.

Examples Of How To Research Schools

Researching schools is maybe the MOST important thing you can do for your application, and one of the LEAST utilized. I have a newsletter "Confidant's Corner" where I do school research and publish research for one school every month. This will give you an idea of HOW to research as well as how MUCH research you should try to do. And who knows maybe I'll feature your top school some month and save you the work of having to do it yourself.

Take a look around, see if I back up what I'm saying. As this site continues through launch over the next couple of months, you will see information added about every school in the country. This should be a one-stop-shop for all your admissions information. If you find there is some missing me right away with the link on top. I'll investigate and fix the situation.

Contribute to Medical School
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TOO MANY Acceptance Letters?!

The difference between "accepted" and "rejected" has LESS to do with numbers than most think

What is the difference then? Those who get accepted do 5 things that others do not. And I'll show you what they are in this 5-day email course "The ONLY 5 things you need to do to get accepted."

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