Princeton MCAT Review Course Overview and Review

The Princeton MCAT Review has long been looked on by many students as a premier resource for test prep of all kinds. Right along with that they do have programs with good reviews available for the MCAT. Their site is much easier to understand than many of the other MCAT review courses so I'll link you right there. Here you can see that they have many options including tutoring, online, books, and more. Like Kaplan they aim to offer a solution for everyone and an ability to perform at your peak performance. The many options here are fantastic for those of you who have a clear understanding of what your needs will be.

It's my advice on every page, but if you don't yet know what you individual needs are, let me guide you through a way you can define those needs on the MCAT practice tests page. I'll show you how to use a practice test to define what you need BEFORE you choose a program in order to make sure you get the be program for YOU.

Strengths of the Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is well known for a reason. They offer some of the best test prep in the country for pretty much every test out there. They focus very strongly on the content, or knowledge base, necessary for the exam. There are basically two important aspects of the MCAT: 1. Having a good knowledge base with which to answer the questions and 2. Being able to think critically about the questions and using that thinking to answer questions quickly and accurately. If you do those two things well, you ace it.

The real strength of the Princeton MCAT Review is the first one. They will reinforce the topics very clearly, whether in the classroom setting, online, or in their books. They teach what are the highest yield topics and help you to just skim the lower yield ones. This ability to filter out content and only focus on what is important is a VITAL skill to have during medical school because it is what we do as doctors for every test, and even for every patient. For that reason it makes a lot of sense to pick up the Princeton Review.

Weaknesses of the Princeton Review

Princeton Review is very good at teaching the content, but not as good at teaching the critial thinking skills. This can sometimes be an issue for students who pay for the class and then don't see improvement. Oftentimes when that happens it is because the student is being taught the wrong thing for what they need individually. In other words they should be focusing more on critial thinking rather then content, or physics more than biology etc. This happens more often then I would like to see with Princeton and I believe that is the reason why. Don't interpret this to mean that they don't spend time teaching you the critical thinking necessary for the test, because they do. It seems only that they are a little less effective at teaching it than some other programs.

Beyond those two things, there doesn't seem to be too much difference between princeton and kaplan. For many of you it will come down to who has the closer class. The prices are similar and the timeframe is pretty similar.

Once you have decided on a program you want to go with, check out the MCAT study tips available here to see how I recommend using the program and your practice test together to come up with a study plan that works!

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